| If you need help registering please email ben@warbirdracing.org.

Elimination Style Racing

Teams Listings

Name Gold Silver RWYB
Nitro Bird Racing Ben McBride Andy McBride Lonnie Morrison
No Fear Racing DAVID LLOYD Gerald Meux Scott Ehlert
Team TFZ Dave Gardner Jason Veron
Sac Boys JR Schiager George reidenbach Aaron Ammons
Team Warp Drive Ritchie Thorp RON RUSSELL Marta Horvath
Team Fireball Tony Lopez Roy Andrassy Bill Blake
Black Sheep of Rosamond Douglas Killebrew Scott Manning Scotty Baker
Brokered Team Gary Long Tony Frackowiak Jon Fukushima
Top Gun Richard Verano Loren Uthoff Ervin Myers


Team racing is a race within a race. The concept is: 3 different pilots in 3 different classes team up in a points race against other teams of 3. During the normal course of qualifying and elimination rounds each pilot will accumulate points (point schedule noted below) for his team. At the end of the event the team with the most points wins.

Points System

Qualifying Rounds
1st 4 Points
2nd 3 Points
3rd 2 Points
4th 1 Point
Elimination Rounds
1st 8 Points
2nd 6 Points
3rd 4 Points
4th 2 Point
Qualifying Position Bonus
1st 8 Points
2nd 7 Points
3rd 6 Points
4th 5 Points
5th 4 Points
6th 3 Points
7th 2 Points
8th 1 Point

Tie Breaker

If there is a need for a tie breaker any time in the race the following rules will apply. 1st tie breaker is the qualifying position in Gold(higher qualifier gets the tie breaker). 2nd tie breaker is the registration order in Gold(earlier the registration gets the tie breaker).

12 Airplane Fields

In the event that there is a “12 Airplane Field”, with the top 4 pilots getting a 1st round bye, those pilots with 1st round byes will receive 8 points for their team. (8 points, are awarded to 1st place finishers of an Elimination Round Heat)

How do I Start a Team

Please email the name of the Team, who will be your Gold, Silver and RWYB pilots to ben@warbirdracing.org. I will then register your team in the website. Make sure that all team members have registered for the upcoming events.


Q- Can I be apart of a Team and still Race in other classes?
A- Yes, example; if you are registered in Gold and Silver and you are the Gold pilot on your team, only your points in Gold will be attached to the team.

Q- Can we have 2 pilot Teams racing in 3 Classes?
A- No, Team racing is design to bolster registration and create team spirit.

Q- Can I change Team members during the Race?
A- No, but you can change Team members between events.