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Elimination Style Racing

New to Racing!

The Eliminator Racing series is design for pilots of all sorts. If you are new to pylon racing; then start with the “Run What You Brought” class. All you need is an RC plane that can fly around 100MPH. The rules are design to reward the pilots that are consistent, not necessarily fast. Most Pilots bring planes that are too fast for the class then find ways to slow down or lengthen the course. Below are some tips to help you get started. If you would like some additional help getting started please feel free to ask.

Selecting An Airplane, engine, prop, and Fuel.

Run What You Brought class is just that. You can race any plane that you already have. It can be Ugly Stick, Trainer, Extra 300, or Foamie.

If you like to build an airplane to race. Then start with an 40 size plane that is a little over powered. Many use the T-34 from World Models with a 46 2 stroke or 60 4 stroke engine. This combination works well, is inexpensive and can be race at other warbird racing events, namely the Bronze Class. If you run a 46 2 Stroke engine use a 10x6 or 9x7 prop with 15% nitro.

How to navigate "Air Starts".

After you have taken off and are flying the race pattern (left turns), listen for the countdown clock to begin. You want to place your airplane on the start finish line on the backside of the course heading for pylon 2 at or around 10 seconds to the start. As you pass the start finish line divide the time left on the clock by 2. Then base your pylon 2 turn on that calculation.

Lap timing and "Break Outs".

The Run What You Brought class has 15 second laps. During the qualifying heats there will be a short horn every 15 seconds. You will want to have your plane passing the start finish line just after those horns. The Eliminations heats will not have this horn. So it’s important to find a system that works for you. Some pilots will count second between pylons. Other judge it by distances. While other slow their airplanes down. There are countless ways to stay on time.

How to Judge Success

Elimination style of racing is based on “Milestone” success. As you reach each milestone know that you are closer to winning the event. Listed below are some milestones or goals you can set.

    Beat the 4 minute max time limit
    Qualifying for eliminations
    Place 1st or 2nd on the first round of eliminations
    Race in the finals
    Win the finals