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Elimination Style Racing

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2021 Lessons Learn from Eliminator Racing

We would like to share some of the lessons learned and how we plan to address them for the 2022 race season. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible and help others that would like to host their own race in the future. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me at ben@warbirdracing.org

1st Do not start the event with the Gold class.

On paper the idea seemed good. It was design to build excitement and start things off with a bang. It also was to give an example for new pilots on how the heats run. But what really happen was that everyone, including the timing judges, were not ready for the speed.

For 2022: We will be starting the event with Run What You Brought. Any new pilots will have an experienced pilot assign to them to walk them through their first race. Also, they can get tips and coaching throughout the event. We will ask for volunteers at the pilots meeting to coach new pilots.

2nd Heat Limits.

We learn that 60 heats per day is the limit. Each heat takes about 8 minutes; making 8 hours of racing. This does not include a lunch break, pilots meeting, setup or breakdown. That means that if the 1st heat happens at 8:30am and we break for a 30min lunch then the event will end at 5pm. This can cause all kinds of challenges like sunrise and sunset, course worker fatigue, and wind.

For 2022: We will be limiting the total number of entries to 60. In addition, we will be running two and half rounds of qualifying. (3rd round will only be those that have not qualified or have been bumped). Each class will be capped at 16 qualifying positions. Also, the pilots meeting will be moved to 7:30am and 1st heat at 8:00am. Teams racing will exclude the 3rd round points. If needed, we can run 5 airplane heats for Run What You Brought; this will increase the number of entries to 65 and a qualifying field of 20 for Run What You Brought.

3rd Timing Software

With every race we have found software glitches or bugs. This was expected and we had workarounds that we did use. With each race the software has progressively improved. Some of the glitches that have been fix are as follows: Not all records were uploaded to the website, lap beeps would not always be sounded, setting for each race needed to be set manually, among others. Many of these have already been fixed and tested.

For 2022: We will be sharing our software with anyone that would like a copy. Additionally, we will be providing a cutdown version of the software that does timing only.

4th Paper Matrix and Results

Currently the Matrix and Results are uploaded to the warbirdracing.org website. It seems that some are having difficulties using the website.

For 2022: We will be creating paper reports and posting them at the timing stations. These reports will have the Matrixes, Results and Standings. Additionally, the Teams Results will only be posted via paper reports. The website will still be used and updated after every heat.

5th Help with Timing, Announcing and Flight Control

I have been running the timing software, announcing during the heats, CD’ing the event and racing in the Gold class. There is no doubt that it’s too much for one person to handle. We also found that one person cannot do the flight control (starter) position all day.

For 2022: Currently we have additional help to run the timing software. However, we will need help with announcing and flight control. If you would like to help, please contact me at ben@warbirdracing.org.

There are many other lessons to be learn and we will address them as we learn them. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the pilots, callers, workers and supporters for coming to our races. We are looking forward to the 2022 season. Any additional changes and updates will be posted on the website, forums and emailed.

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Test and Tune 2022
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January 08, 2022

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Eliminator Race
Chino Ca 91710
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February 19, 2022

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Eliminator Race
Chino Ca 91710
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April 23, 2022

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Welcome to Eliminator Air Racing

Starting in the Fall of 2020, Eliminator Air Racing is designed to enjoy the thrill of air racing while holding the social distancing requirements of COVID-19. The Classes, Rules and Procedures are all design to create a safe racing environment that will allow all types of RC pilots to enjoy competition. With that said there is a class for everyone.

“Run What You Brought” class is design for any RC pilot with any aircraft to get started in air racing. The “Warbird” classes mirrors the Warbird (Silver Class and Gold Class) racing that is currently being run by our friends in the RCPRO racing series and the SAM (Sacramento) series.

Feel free to “Register as New Pilot” above. This will create a profile you can then use to register for the events noted below.

If you like to know more, please contact me at BenMcBride@Live.com